History of the Marietta Bible Center Church

The Marietta Bible Center Church is an outgrowth of the Christian Laymen’s League of Marietta, Ohio. The Church was organized in 1953 by a group of Christians, who wanted a Bible believing church free from the apostasy and denominationalism of the day. Marietta Bible Center is a non-denominational , fundamental soul winning church. It is the desire of the Marietta Bible Center Church to teach and preach the Word of God in its purest form because that alone is the method for spiritual growth. It is the desire of all members of the Bible Center to uplift our Lord Jesus Christ in our dealings with each other and in the world in which we live.

In the 52 year history of the church there have been three men who have served has its pastor. The first was Mervin Wendelken who served only for the first year. Charles Hendricks from Charleston, West Virginia served for five years and since that time Myron K. Guiler has served has pastor until the present.

The church has known two locations. The first building was built at 822 Front Street and additions were added in years later. In 1973 the church moved to property along Route 60 between Marietta and Devola. After building the main auditorium and two Sunday school wings the church then added a fellowship hall for the youth. Later that building became the kitchen and the dining room for the Marietta Bible College.

The Marietta Bible College started in 1976 and the Marietta Christian School began in 1977. Both ministries are still functioning.

The church presently supports forty-five missionary families around the world. Through the years the church has ordained over fifty men from its own membership.

Through the years the Marietta Bible Center has worked closely with other organizations: Bible Center Missions, Independent Baptist Missions to Asians, Southeastern Ohio Pastor’s Fellowship, and Appalachian Baptist Missions.

The ministry of Marietta Bible College has been fruitful. There are now over one hundred seventy graduates who are serving the Lord in the United States and around the world. In the coming school year the college expects over seventy-five students.

Dr. Myron K. Guiler the pastor of the Marietta Bible Center Church also serves as moderator of the Southeastern Ohio Pastor’s Fellowship, he serves as a board member with Appalachian Baptist Mission, and has served for twenty years as president of Independent Baptist Mission To Asians. He has preached in forty different countries in the world and a most recent conference was in Thailand.

For further information concerning this ministry feel free to contact the Marietta Bible Center Church. Information on the Marietta Bible College is also available.


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